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Welcome to the Hastings District Council Rating Information Database. To search for a property (by street address) click a starting letter from the selection below. This will open a search page for street names beginning with that letter.

If you are searching for a property that does not have a street address
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This service is provided by the Hastings District Council as a public service. Use of this service to retrieve information constitutes your awareness and agreement to the following conditions of use. The Rating Information Database is a public register in terms of the Privacy Act.

This information is provided under section 27 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 as an online representation of the Rating Information Database. The rating valuation shown is as at 1 August 2016. These values are set for rating purposes only. The Hastings District Council does not provide current market values.

The preparation and provision of the information has been made in good faith from a number of sources. While all due care has been taken, Hastings District Council does not give any warranty in regard to the accuracy of the information.

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